Crown Lengthening

Crown Lengthening

The “crown” of a tooth is that part that is above the gums. There are instances when a crown is needed to cover a natural tooth, this can be for aestehtic or structural reasons. There are instances where more of the tooth below the gums must be exposed to fill a cavity near the gumline or place a new crown on a broken tooth. A Crown lengthening procedure provides more tooth structure for this to be done.

What Happens During This Procedure?

Dr. Vickery will perform the crown lengthening as an outpatient procedure. Which means you can go home after the completion of the procedure. The time a crown lenthening procedure takes can vary due to a number of variables such as how many teeth are being worked on and if both soft tissue and bone need to be removed. Dr. Vickery will be able to give you more information regarding your particular case after his initial appointment. 


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